“A new house does not have soul yet, one can say. But with the right creativity, space can come to life”.

Upon arriving at Villa Marie you are greeted with a discrete iron gate, which leads to an enclosed, stone courtyard where the smell of lavender lingers in the air. The house is well hidden behind the blossoming garden and a stone lined path leads the way past the guesthouse, up to the primary residence. As one approaches the house, an incredible view reveals itself; turquoise sea, clear blue sky and in the distance, the peaks of the surrounding mountains. In addition to the main residence, the estate features a tennis court, an outdoor spa, a swimming pool, a guesthouse and a gorgeous, flourishing garden. All materials used are especially selected and of the finest quality, which has resulted in a stunning home, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and functionality but without sacrificing comfort. Ever present in the design and layout are the themes of air, light, the sea and uncompromised quality.

The Concept

The goal was to bring this mid-century building up to date, using local materials when possible, while maintaining a fine balance between the property and the surrounding landscape. Natural materials are also timeless; they never fall out of fashion. As the property is located close to the rugged cliffs leading down to the sea, the products were chosen instinctively, to have the same palette of colour as the environment. These complementary features soften the design while making the home seem as one with the landscape. Most importantly, the materials are capable to withstand the harsh weather, the rays of the Mediterranean sun, and the salty winds that stir from the sea. The stone facing is done solely in stone originating from the neighbouring village of Santa Ponsa, giving a cosy but distinguished touch. The rest of the facade is covered in sandstone from Santanyi, Mallorca, a nearby town known as a source for choice quality stone. The aim was to create an exterior in premium local materials with little or no maintenance.

The estate was completely refurbished and renovated with care and taste from 2014-2016, always maintaining Mallorcan style elements and integrating sleek, top of the line appliances.